Following the success of Woodworks 2022, our Co-Founder Barry Lynch received another invitation to present in person at the 2023 conference in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This time, Barry showcased the utilization of V-Quest’s carbon optimization tools and how they played a pivotal role in redirecting a project that was already consent-ready. His presentation highlighted the potential of V-Quest to unveil opportunities for reducing carbon emissions in practical ways, opportunities that are often overlooked by designers due to a lack of tools and data.

Barry demonstrated how a project was swiftly transitioned to low carbon construction within just 48 hours of undergoing a V-Quest analysis. The V-Quest carbon optimization tool effectively illustrated how the developer and design team could slash upfront embodied carbon emissions by 3,500,000 kilograms (CO2e), reduce the building’s weight (mass) by 1,000,000 kilograms, all while maintaining a cost-neutral position.

Furthermore, Barry discussed how one developer managed to identify silver linings and development opportunities while simultaneously making significant reductions in carbon emissions.