Become a Decarbonisation Hero Today.



Our lite user application gives you access to our live carbon data bases, allowing you to measure your carbon exposure and complete automated carbon compliance reporting.

It cleans your project data, links it to carbon compliance metrics and ensures LCA becomes as breeze.

Use our Lite functions to save your business 100’s of hours annually on carbon emissions compliance reporting. 

5 Team Member included, Starts at

$200 NZD/Month

$2,200 NZD/Year

Billed Monthly / Annually


Revit, ArchiCad & SketchUp Integration

Access NZ’s largest carbon data base

LCAQuick Connector

GreenStar Connector

Training & Tutorials

Silver Support

Access to our newsletter



With our pro tool you get to add our amazing carbon optimisation functions to our lite user functions.

Carbon Optimiser integrates into your existing design workflow as an API for Revit, SketchUp & ArchiCad. Providing your with live carbon, cost and mass analytics for your design. 

Access this data at the earliest stages of design. Allowing you to compare various materials and methodologies at once. These functions ensure you meet carbon thresholds and stay on budget.

5 Team Member included, Starts at

$400 NZD/Month

$4,400 NZD/Year

Billed Monthly / Annually


Lite User functions,

Revit, ArchiCad & SketchUp Integration

Carbon, Cost & Building Mass Analytics

Live & up to date cost data bases

Access our material database

Training & Tutorials

Gold Support

Access to our newsletter



All the functions of the Lite and Pro User with the added benifit of project benchmarking.

The benchmark function centralises all your project analytics into one cutting-edge repository, offering insights into carbon footprint, cost analysis, and building mass with stunning 3D visualizations.

More than just data storage, it is your ultimate decision-making tool. Leverage benchmarked data to inform future projects.

Capture lessons learned & celebrate design successes.

5 Team Member included, Starts at

Coming Soon


Billed Monthly / Annually


Lite & Pro User Functions,

Carbon, Cost & Building Mass Benchmarking

Public Building Reference Library

Private Project Repository

Material & Mehodology Level Analysis

Training & Tutorials

Email Support

Access to our newsletter

V-Quest offers an annual or monthly subscription to the Pro plan with a 30-day trial period, during which you have access to all the features of the Pro plan. We offer one free trial of the Pro plan per customer. In case of cancellation, your subscription will expire at the end of the monthly cycle. You need to enter your credit card details to activate the trial but don’t worry, we work with our software distributor Paddle (www.paddle.com/), which provides the highest security standards in various payment options. And of course, you can cancel at any time! If you do not cancel during the trial period, you will be automatically charged, and your subscription payment period will begin. 

Check our terms and services for more details at this link. – https://vquest.io/terms-of-use/