V-Quest has been identified as a Top 10 property tech comapanies in New Zealand.

The Proptech industry is on the rise in New Zealand, and these pioneering companies are driving the transformation of the real estate landscape. From sustainable construction solutions to streamlined property management, they’re shaping the future of property technology.

List of the Top 10 Proptech Companies in New Zealand:

LeapThought: Cutting-edge AEC and productivity solutions integrating human and machine intelligence.
V-Quest.: Simplifying sustainability in construction with innovative design tools.
Trade Me: Pioneering Proptech with diverse services beyond property listings.
Tectonus | Superior Seismic Technology: Seismic resilience solutions for safer structures.
PRENGUIN: Comprehensive platform for designing ceilings and partitions.
ListNow: Streamlining real estate marketing payments for seamless transactions.
Arizto: Hassle-free property listings with flexible licensed agents.
Keyhook: Bridging the gap between landlords and tenants with automation.
Flexi.: Revolutionizing the housing market with innovative components.
ownly: Empowering real estate agents to establish their own brands