It was a privilege to be invited to speak at the 2022 Woodworks conference, where our Co-founder Barry Lynch, discussed the remarkable progress made within the MPI Mid Rise Wood Construction program, focusing particularly on the Clearwater Quays Project. Constructed with CLT, GLT, and LVL, this project exemplifies innovative timber construction techniques. Due to various delays caused by the Covid pandemic, the conference took place virtually.

During the event, our Co-founder Barry delivered a presentation on the utilisation of V-Quest to analyse the designed and constructed building’s upfront embodied carbon. Working closely with the design team Enovate & Pacific Environments and the build team manager Phil Thompkins, we conducted a comprehensive analysis covering labour constants, delivery programs, building mass, methodology conversions, and more.

The outcome was a thorough comparative examination of the constructed buildings against traditional steel and concrete construction methodologies. The results demonstrated that mass timber buildings can compete favorably in terms of cost while significantly reducing carbon emissions and building mass.

Barry’s presentation was warmly received, underscoring the importance and potential of sustainable timber construction methods.