V-Quest is thrilled to announce that our carbon optimisation tools have been officially accepted into the RICS Tech partnership program, marking a significant milestone for our company. Being the first Carbon quantification tool to gain acceptance into this esteemed program is truly an honor for us.

This partnership holds immense promise for V-Quest’s growth and scalability, given the global reach and extensive network of the RICS, boasting over 130,000 members worldwide. Exposure to such a vast pool of professionals presents an invaluable opportunity for us to showcase our innovative solutions and contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in the industry.

The RICS Tech Partner Programme serves as a collaborative platform for pioneering data and technology firms across the globe, fostering thought leadership, generating insightful content, and providing market intelligence for the profession. Through partnerships with innovative firms like ours, the program aims to offer digital resources that empower professionals to embrace solutions delivering tangible value and complementing their professional endeavors.

Moreover, the program emphasises the synergy between professionals in the property and technology sectors, promoting ongoing collaboration and mutual learning. By bridging the gap between innovators from diverse backgrounds and the property profession, the RICS Tech Partner Programme facilitates continuous evolution and innovation within the industry.