We are excited to announce that our Co-Founder, Barry Lynch, has been invited to join the NZIQS Carbon Accounting Working Group. Barry will bring his extensive expertise in carbon reduction, gained through the development and implementation of the V-Quest Carbon Optimization Tools, to the team. He joins a group of seasoned surveyors, enriching the collective experience of the working group.

The primary objective of this working group is to prepare NZIQS members for the evolving reporting landscape, with a particular focus on promoting ICMS (International Construction Measurement Standards). The Institute has established the Carbon Accounting Working Group to foster collaboration with other organizations and professional bodies, with the aim of recommending strategies to the board for engaging and supporting members in adopting best practices.

Barry Lynch, Co-founder of V-Quest, emphasised the crucial role of Quantity Surveyors in material quantification within the construction industry. He believes that Quantity Surveyors are well-suited to expand their skill set to include the quantification and analysis of embodied carbon. Their familiarity with measurement standards and processes, encompassing nuances such as waste, inclusions, exclusions, and assumptions, uniquely positions them to contribute to this vital aspect of sustainability in construction.