Carbon Optimising Applications for the Built Environment

Design Optimisation tools that will empower you to change the world.

Carbon analysis made easy

Our aim at V-Quest is to provide tools that will help you achieve a lower embodied carbon future. Through smart interactive data analysis you will find opportunities that balance cost and embodied carbon as well as identify opportunities to increase design efficiency through building mass reduction. 


Comparative and interactive analysis of multiple data sources, providing solution based answers.


Optimises not maximise - finds feasible opportunities to reduce embodied carbon in your building.


Sustainability is only possible in construction when the project is feasible to build. Balance cost and carbon..


Reducing Building Mass can result in identifying opportunities which often remain hidden. Reduce your weight.

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Carbon Benchmark

Optimize your sustainable brief with our automated benchmark analysis software. Analyze carbon footprint, cost, and building mass for across multiple typologies in one comparative analysis.


Carbon optimiser

Optimise your design to reduce embodied carbon and meet sustainability goals with our live feedback software. Monitor carbon, cost and building mass, and reduce your footprint with our carbon/cost model map and sustainability prompts.


Easy LCA

Our software simplifies Life Cycle Analysis by extracting design data to pre-populate your analysis. It's user-friendly, saves time, and enables you to make informed decisions efficiently. Trust us for an easy LCA experience.

V-Quest easily integrates with your software & saves you time.

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