Bob Burnett Architecture joins the V-Quest early adopter programme.

Bob Burnett Architecture began business in 1999, establishing a leading reputation for award winning, energy-efficient, space-efficient designs that are super-sustainable. Exquisite organic architecture that exhibits the fusion of ideas from the two directors; architectural designer, Bob Burnett and Japanese architect, Shizuka Yasui. The firm has won numerous awards for a diverse range of projects and is recognised as early adopters and innovators in high-performance architecture that is healthy for people and healthy for the planet.

CARBON FOOTPRINT. Bob Burnett Architecture homes are designed to minimise their carbon footprint and climate impact. Preference is given to non-toxic low-carbon materials and methodologies. In contrast, typical kiwi homes built to code minimums are responsible for 5-7 times the carbon emissions required to meet global climate change targets. Holistic design allows different systems to work together to optimise performance.

Bob and his team are currently designing and plan to build New Zealands first Net Zero house in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

You can learn more about Bob Burnett Architectures commitment to achievable sustainble building here.